Come attend our first Sustainable Robotics Public Event. Let’s explore together what is the impact of Robotics on the environment and how the field could contribute to more sustainability.

There are questions regarding the role of robotics towards Sustainability, with both potential negative and positive impacts (Boesl et al., 2021). An internationally shared observation is the current lack of information on some of the most pressing issues, and in particular on the environmental aspects. To address similar gaps, in other fields such as Artificial Intelligence, initiatives have arisen to create scientific communities, and knowledge-exchange communities, to better document the impact and available resources – for instance, A like-minded initiative has been founded in 2021: Sustainable Robotics. Its goal is to gather a community of interest around the topic of sustainability. Our first event, will aim at gathering experts to inform on how can Robotics document, prevent and address one of the most pressing issues of our times: the protection of the environment.

Date will be announced soon